Arabian medical lab result

By taking appropriate health measures GCC states make sure to keep themselves free from contagious diseases which can be transmitted to others and threaten the security and safety of the Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a center of attraction for years due to the presence of sacred Makkah and Madina. Millions of people from different parts of the world go to visit these places every year. Labor and workers from developing countries also go there due to job desires.

So, the need for positive medical reports is also more here. Visa application might be rejected if the reports are not satisfactory. The result of the report will automatically be updated with your passport in the systems of the Saudi Embassy. There are possibilities of negative results. If there is any major illness, then you can even be banned for some years or permanently to visit Saudi.

Therefore, it is advisable to go through the required checkups separately and then if there is any deficiency, you can improve before directly going for medical exams in the laboratories clinics approved by the Saudi Embassy. You will get a slip from the agent processing your visa in order to go through these medical tests.

The whole process will take one day to complete. To get the reports 2 to 3 days are taken. GAMCA center will allocate specified clinic for the test 3. Medical charges are paid in the medical center 4.

Reports are provided in a couple of days. Doctors will take through physical examination consisting of height, weight, vision and then the examination of the respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal, neurological and musculoskeletal system. Chest x ray and blood test reports tell a lot about the medical status of a person. Hepatitis B, HCV reactive 3. Malaria positive 4. Microfilaria positive 5.

arabian medical lab result

Tuberculosis 6. Pulmonary scar 7. Hypertension 2. Diabetes 3.

Arabian Medical & Scientific Laboratory Supplies Co LLC

Cancer 4. Heart failure 5. Renal failure 6. Psychiatric disease 7. Physical disability. NOC for pregnant woman — NOC No objection certificate from Saudi Embassy is required to exempt the pregnant lady from being exposed to radioactive rays during the travel.

They will send it to NOC. It takes 5 to 7 days for the process to complete and then the lady can go for the medical test with NOC and will be exempted from exposure to radiology. There are alternate ways also where some people directly visit the Embassy and produce the last scan report so they receive a certificate of approval.

For kids under 12 years of agethere is no need of the lab test. They just have to go to the designated medical Centre approved by GAMCA and submit original passport, 2 photos, and visa. They will ask about vaccines given to the child and measure weight as well as height and issue a medical certificate. Even the fee is lesser for kids. Maanasi specializes in health topics including diet and nutrition.

A mother of an untiring seven year old, she enjoys nurturing her love affair with English.Offer valid only for new email subscribers. Enter your email address and receive the discount voucher and a promo code will be sent to your inbox. Exclusions apply. Our focus on quality is our number one priority. In Al Borg Medical Laboratories, we do every effort to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services available.

We're partners with multiple organizations that seek to make a difference. We support these organizations by applying our talents, expertise, and insights in the medical diagnostic services we provide to them. Get help from our award-winning support representatives, please contact us through our customer service channels to get the required answer within 24 hours.

Join us on Facebook Facebook. Enhancing diagnostic insights to address worldwide health challenges and improve local patient care. Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because Sehaty Blueprint for Wellness It has been taken into account when designing of programs to suit all ages of men, women and children.

It is a periodic health check programs at Al Borg Laboratories which is considered one of our social responsibility to raise the level of health awareness of the community. We are about to go live, so watch this space soon! Introducing Al Borg Health App.

Get valuable insights into your personal health and general health information. Learn how to take the right steps forward towards healthier life.

Share information with your doctor and other healthcare providers.

arabian medical lab result

Get your lab results directly on your mobile device and computer. Locate a Lab We provide a wide range of clinical and diagnostic tests for our patients. Get Your Results Advanced access to view your laboratory results. Find a Test The information in the Find a Test is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Al Borg Medical Laboratories is always a supporter of success and is a key partner in the medical community. Al Borg Medical Laboratories is one of the most powerful laboratories in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with its strong human resource and new medical equipments.They are two names of the same organization.

God forbids if they find an infectious disease, you may have to face a ban for some period. This is the reason, it is always suggested to go through the same medical test from a private laboratory in your country and see if there is some deficiency.

You can improve the identified deficiency with the consultation of some doctors. Following documents are required to take a medical test for a Saudi visa. It means you need to stamp your visa on passport within 90 days of issuance of such a medical test report. In the case of pregnancy, a NOC from the Saudi Embassy is required by the medical center to exempt the applicant from radioactive exposure.

With this NOC, pregnant women only need a blood test and urine test and eye checkup. You can request the NOC from Etimad by submitting the following documents.

You will receive the NOC within days after which the lady can visit the medical center for the Saudi medical test.

arabian medical lab result

Children under the age of 12 only need to go to designated medical centers approved by GAMCA and submit original passport and 2 photos and visa. They will check weight height and ask if vaccines are given regularly and issue a medical fit certificate.

There is no need for laboratory tests. The fee for the medical test of children is significantly lesser than the fee of normal medical tests for Saudi Visa.

Applicants for Gulf countries can check their medical reports online at the following link.

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You just need to enter the applicant's passport number and select your nationality. In case of an unfit medical report, don't bribe someone to make it good. You will have to go through another medical test for Saudi Iqama. If you don't pass that test, your Iqama will not be processed. Bonus Tip: Make sure you carry a fit to fly certificate signed and stamped by a gynecologist before taking the flight.

Sign in. Log into your account. About Us. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Iqama Iqama for Newcomers. Table of Contents. Life in Saudi Arabia. How to check the name of an expatriate with Iqama number? What are the types of iqama in Saudi Arabia? Download form to change Name on Iqama in Saudi Arabia.Hospitals in St. Euromed Clinic Euromed Clinic, St. Mariinsky hospital The Mariinsky hospital is a basis of the first help to the inhabitants of a central part of St.

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The conditions of multi-profile hospital offer the ability to make ivestigations and to recieve reliable results. Address: Solidarnosty pr. Leningrad regional clinic and hospital One of the biggest medical complexes of North-West Russia - hospital, clinic and powerful diagnostic center.

Address: Lunacharskogo pr. Pirogov clinic The Pirogov Clinic was created with precise orientation to the status of medical institution of the highest and modern level. Initially it has incorporated all the best medical achievements: the newest equipment of leading foreign firms, progressive technologies, the professional personnel, the European service and extreme Russian warmth, kindness and care.

Petersburg apartments Moscow Hotes Trains Russia. Business services. Personal Service. Real Estate. Shopping Guide.Al-Arab Medical Laboratories at Jawhar provides its customers with high-quality services and has established its first lab in the heart of the central region of Riyadh. The concept of the company's business is not limited to providing services to customers through Al-Zayat to one of the branches, but we have established a wide network with private and government medical hospitals, insurance companies, medical clinics, airlines, banks and pharmaceutical companies.

Arab Medical Laboratories is looking to be a leader in the field of providing medical analysis services by following up the latest developments in the medical arena from new devices, new technologies and human resources. Following up on the latest developments and medical diagnostics. The company's employees have great experience in providing services and meeting the needs of citizens and residents in Gulf countries, It offers a wide range of traditional, specialized tests.

Arab Medical Laboratories offers general medical advice and review by specialists to increase medical awareness among all users. It is a service that provides our customers with an alternative to the need to attend the laboratory for the withdrawal of samples of medical analysis.

Arab Medical Laboratories provides the results of analysis, where you can easily access the results of the analysis by the patient code and access code. High Quality More Accurate Diagnosis Home Visits Services. Just all you have to do is book a home visit. Book A Visit. Test Results. Offer and Promotions. Are periodic screening programs in the Arab medical laboratories and our priorities and goals always sought to raise the efficiency of health awareness of society and to install the idea and culture of prevention better than treatment.

GAMCA Medical CheckUp for Visa to Saudi Arabia

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arabian medical lab result

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